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Community Chest Grants

Wakefield Council offer small grants to assist groups and projects in the district. If your Club is eligible, you may be able to obtain a grant of up to £1000.

Please read on for further details and how to apply;


*At the end of the financial year (April), there may be an unclaimed surplus in the Community Chest pot and it all has to be used, so March may be the best time to apply.

*Don't forget to enlist the support of your local Councillor as they will be able to stand up for you in the decision making process.

(The above is for your info only - please don't quote this when contacting the Council)

Good luck!



Each of the Council’s 21 wards has been allocated £9,000 from Community Chest. The purpose of the fund is the provision of small grants (up to a maximum of £1000 per project) for community groups in recognition of the contribution they make in achieving the district’s priorities.

The Council is responsible for administering the fund which includes assessing each application to ensure it meets set criteria, making decisions on allocation of grants and monitoring the expenditure and outcomes of each agreed project. Applications will be submitted to the Community Chest Panel for determination. All outcomes will then be notified to Cabinet for information.

Bids are invited for the fund from any voluntary, community, recreational groups and special interest forums, based and working within the Wakefield District. Grants are available for the purchase of specific items or towards the cost of specific pieces of work.

Please note that multi-ward or district-wide applications are no longer eligible. Only single ward applications will be accepted.



To support you in deciding if your project is eligible for Community Chest please see the examples provided below:-

>Buying materials for a community art club, drama society, or similar event

>Paying for a training programme or learning opportunity for a group’s committee or its members

>Hiring or purchasing of equipment

>Paying for new groups to hire a room to hold a first meeting

>Funding a community festival, sports day or similar events

>Paying for excursions and outreach work, including any associated and necessary refreshments and equipment costs for either the excursion and/or outreach work

>Supporting fund raising activities for the applicant in order to assist with the overall sustainability of the organisation

>Buying basic IT equipment and necessary training to support its use

>Design and print of community group stationery or publicity materials

>Renovating premises or building improvements to enhance community use of a building (subject to relevant / appropriate permissions).



>Activities for religious or politically oriented purposes (although applications from religious groups for community activities are welcomed)

>Overheads or running costs for the group/organisation (i.e. public liability insurances, regular room hire costs, rent, rates, salaries, postage or stationery etc.)

>Any activities that may conflict with Wakefield Council policies

>Events which involve alcohol

>Retrospective applications. Any costs paid or liabilities incurred before the community chest is awarded, will not be funded. Groups need to ensure that they make themselves aware of the funding timetable and plan their submissions accordingly in advance of any project or event to allow adequate time for consultation and processing

>The cost of work or activities that any other person/agency has a statutory duty to undertake for example school curriculum activities

>The construction or acquisition of buildings

>Interest/service charges or contingent liabilities

>One day outings and lunches, except in very unusual circumstances.


Please see [DOWNLOADS] in the [LEAGUE INFO] section for a copy of the application form and guidance which has recently been reviewed, please note that old application forms will no longer be accepted.

If you wish to apply for the Community Chest please read through the Guidance carefully to determine how this can be done.

We also recommend that you contact your local ward councillor prior to applying. Contact details for all Councillors can be found in 'Related Links'.


Room 55
County Hall

Telephone: 01924 306769 / 305120 - TypeTalk calls welcome
Fax: 01924 305164

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