Rules & Regulations

W&DSFL League Cup Competitions


Nomenclature and Constitution

1. There shall be one knockout competition for each division of the League. Each competition shall be known as the Wakefield and District Sunday Football League Division (the name of the division) Cup. Every team in each division shall compete in the competition pertaining to that division.

Entrance Fee, Subscription, Deposit

2. The annual subscription shall include entrance to the League Cup Competition.

Management, Nomination, Election

3. The competition shall be governed by the LMC in accordance with the Rules, Regulations and Practices of the Football Association.

Qualification Of Players

8. (A) Any bona-fide member of a club (as defined in League Rule 8) shall be eligible to play for that Club in this Competition (subject to other relevant clauses in these rules).

(B) No player may play in more than one divisional competitions.

(C) No player is eligible to play in this competition for more than one team.

(D) The Management Committee shall decide all qualification disputes.

(E) A Club shall keep a record of the games in which it's players have played in each League Cup competition. Particularly, Clubs having more than one team shall keep separate records for each team in that competition.

(F) A player shall not be eligible to play for a team in a semi-final or final unless he has registered with his Club before 1st March in the playing season and has played at least three (3) competitive matches for his Club in the Wakefield and District Sunday Football League and in the event of this semi-final or final match involving a second or lower team that the player has played the greater number of his games for the second or lower team and is not otherwise cup-tied, subject to appeal to the LMC prior to the playing of the match.

(G) Any team playing an ineligible player or players shall be fined a minimum of thirty pounds (£30) and disqualified from the competition.

Times Of Kick-Off, Postponements, Substitutes, Etc.

10. (A) The Management Committee shall fix the dates in the season on which the rounds of the competition shall take place.

(B) Except by permission of the Management Committee all matches must be played on the dates originally fixed but priority shall be given to The Football Association, County Association and District F.A. Competitions. All other matches must be considered subservient. Any club failing to play the team against which it is drawn shall be fined thirty pounds (£30) and disqualified from the competition. All rounds of the competition up to and including the final should be played on a Sunday except where circumstances beyond the control of the LMC dictate otherwise. Kick-off times for semi-finals and finals may be varied from those indicated in League Rule 10(B).

When the semi-finalists are known the Clubs concerned will sign a binding agreement in regard to the date(s) upon which the semi-final(s) and final(s) will be played.

(C) All rounds and the semi-finals shall be played on the ground of the first drawn team. Extra time, if necessary, of fifteen (15) minutes each way will be played in all ties. If the scores are still level at the completion of extra time the tie shall be decided by a penalty competition in accordance with F.I.F.A. Rules.

(D) In the event of a match not being played or abandoned owing to causes over which neither Club has control, it shall be replayed in it's entirety on a date given by the Management Committee.

(E) In the event of a match not being played or abandoned owing to the actions of either or both Clubs the Management Committee shall reserve the right to fine the offending Club or Clubs thirty pounds (£30) and disqualify them from the competition.

(F) The final tie shall be played on a neutral ground appointed by the LMC and where practicable an entrance charge shall be made.

(G) Mementoes may be presented to members of each competing team in the final and the match officials. Normal match fees and travelling expenses shall be paid by the League to the match officials in the final tie only. In all prior rounds, match official fees and expenses will be paid by the home Club before the match. The away Club shall reimburse half (1/2) of these fees and expenses to the home Club before the match.

(H) After payment of all expenses incurred in the playing of the final any residue shall become part of League funds.

All other relevant League Rules shall be applied to this competition.

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