Rules & Regulations

W&DSFL Annual General Meeting


6. (A) The Annual General Meeting shall be held not later than 30th June in each year. At this meeting the following business shall be transacted provided that at least a majority of Members are present and entitled to vote:-

(i) To receive and confirm the Minutes of the preceding Annual General Meeting.
(ii) To consider any business arising therefrom.
(iii) To receive and adopt the Annual Report, Balance Sheet and Statement of
(iv) Election of Clubs to fill vacancies (as recommended by the Management
(v) Constitution of the Competition for ensuing season.
(vi) Election of Officers and Management Committee.
(vii) Appointment of Auditors.
(viii) Alteration of Rules, if any (of which notice has been given).
(ix) Fix the date for the commencement of the season and kick off times applicable to the Competitions.
(x) Other business of which due notice shall have been given and accepted as being relevant to an Annual General Meeting.

(B) A copy of the duly audited/verified Balance Sheet, Statement of Accounts and Agenda shall be forwarded to each Club at least fourteen days prior to the meeting, and to the West Riding County Football Association.

(C) A signed copy of the duly audited/verified Balance Sheet and Statement of Accounts shall be sent to the West Riding County Football Association within fourteen days of its adoption by the Annual General Meeting.

(D) Each Member Club shall be empowered to send two delegates to an Annual General Meeting. Each Club shall be entitled to one vote only. Fourteen days’ notice shall be given of any Meeting.

(E) Clubs who have withdrawn their Membership of the Competition during the season being concluded or who are not continuing Membership shall be entitled to attend but shall vote only on matters relating to the season being concluded. This provision will not apply to Clubs expelled in accordance with Rule 17.

(F) All voting shall be conducted by a show of voting cards unless a ballot be demanded by at least a majority of the delegates qualified to vote or the Chairman so decides.

(G) No individual shall be entitled to vote on behalf of more than one Member Club.

(H) Any continuing Member Club failing to be represented at the Annual General Meeting without satisfactory reason being given shall be fined £30 (Thirty Pounds).

(I) Officers and Management Committee members shall be entitled to attend and vote at an Annual General Meeting.

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