Rules & Regulations

Determining Championship

12. (A) Team rankings within the Competition will be decided by points with three (3) points to be awarded for a win and one (1) point for a drawn match. The teams gaining the highest number of points in their respective Divisions at the conclusion shall be adjudged the winners. Matches must not be played for double points.

In the event of two or more teams being equal on points team rankings may be decided in any one or more of the following ways:-

(i) goal difference
(ii) goals scored or deciding match(es) played under conditions determined by the Management Committee.

(B) Automatic promotion and relegation shall be applied for the first three (3) and last three (3) teams in each Division except as provided for hereunder, subject to the provisions of Rule 1(b).

(i) Should one or more teams withdraw from any one Division after the fixtures have commenced an equal number of teams to those withdrawing in that Division shall not be automatically relegated.

(ii) Vacancies occurring after the conclusion of the season may be filled on any of the following ways:

(a) retention of otherwise relegated team(s)
(b) additional promotion of the next ranked team(s) from the Division below
(c) election

(iii) The last two (2) teams in the lowest Division shall retire, but be eligible for re-election except as below, and be subject to the conditions of paragraph (B)(1) above.

(iv) When a senior team is relegated to a lower Division of which its reserve team is a member, or entitled to be a member, such reserve team must accept relegation to, or retain its position in, the next lower Division; and should the senior team be relegated to the lowest Division its reserve team automatically retires from the Competition.

(v) Should either or both of the leading teams in any of the Divisions have its senior team in the next higher Division, promotion shall fall, at the discretion of the General Meeting, to the next highest team or teams in the Division concerned.

(C) In the event of a team not completing 75% of its fixtures for the season all points obtained by or recorded against such defaulting team shall be expunged from the Competition table.

Where next?

Reporting Results 11.(A) The Registration Secretary must receive within six (6) days of the date played, the result of
Referees 13. (A) Registered Referees (and Assistant Referees where approved by the FA or County FA) for all m

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