Beat The Weather (Inc. Waterlogging)

By Jonathan Scargill

Get your game played...

[Please note: This article is intended for reference in the event of light snow - we don't expect you to fire up the earthmovers and try to turn an Arctic wasteland into a fit and suitable playing surface!]

To prevent a build-up of fixtures towards the end of the season, please do your best to get your game played despite the snow - No-one wants to be playing 3 matches a week at the back end of the season!


[1] GET TO THE GROUND EARLY WITH AS MANY BRUSHES AND SHOVELS (AND HELPERS) AS YOU CAN MUSTER. (Rock salt is an idea if you get there early enough for it to work before kick-off)

[2] SWEEP ALL THE LINES CLEAR SO THEY ARE VISIBLE FROM THE CENTRE CIRCLE. This a major reason for postponing a match, because if the ref can't see the lines he can't do his job.

[3] GET OUT THE ORANGE (OR FLOURESCENT) MATCH BALL (If you don't have one they can be picked up from most high street sports shops for around £10-£15 - so your domino card will just about cover it).

If you do not get the pitch cleared in time, why not use the opportunity for a bit of team-building:

Building a Snowman can help players gel as a team, while a snowball fight is a good way to get the lads on their toes!

Only kidding - get yourself off to the greasy spoon for a Full English, then see if the Landlord will open up early for a few Brandies before the footy comes on the telly.


Obviously, now the snow is (hopefully) thawing, your pitch may experience instances of waterlogging.

If this is the case, get your game on by (again - I know, I'm sorry!) getting their early with a bunch of lads armed with Forks. Stick the forks into the affected areas early enough and the water should drain away leaving you with a nice zippy surface to ping around on.

If it's really bad (and only if it's REALLY bad) consider spreading sand over the affected areas - please get advice from a groundsman and/or your pitch owner before doing this though.

All the best, and keep up the good work!

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