Stanley United

By Jonathan Scargill


Following the recent demise of Stanley United first team, a vote and an extended debate was necessary to decide the best way forward for all members.

Initially, the Premier Division teams were asked whether they would have any objection to Stanley Reserves continuing in Division Two as it would be the Premier League that would be affected through loss of fixtures if that were to happen.

Objections were raised and therefore the League was forced to employ Rule 10(F) and (in effect) move the Reserves up to the Premier to fulfil the first team fixtures.

Therefore, Stanley United Reserves' record has been expunged from the Division Table and Stanley United first team will continue. Their results will be reinstated within the next few days.

There is no room for debate on this matter now and I think it is fair to say that everyone who wanted to, had the opportunity to speak out at the Meeting.

It was pleasing to hear so many passionate voices and hopefully this further endorses the feeling of ownership that Clubs can foster towards the League.

Your voice and vote really does count and directly affects how your League is run. Stay passionate, continue to offer your opinion and we, as a Committee, will continue to listen and take steps to improve your League.

Where next?

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